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Peter Graham, certified EFT Master
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Welcome to my web site.  Based on over three decades of experience, study and research, I offer a range of services and techniques that effectively address personal issues that most individuals encounter at some time during their lives.  This includes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) workshops and also private (one-on-one) EFT sessions, plus several other effective methods and trainings.  The primary purpose of my work and research is to facilitate personal growth & development and to find inner peace. - Peter Graham, certified EFT Master Practitioner and EFT Trainer, experienced Counsellor, and practical Relationship Coach.

Contact:  To contact me, you can either email me  or  leave a message by calling phone number (08) 9487 8363 and please include a very clear contact number (and even repeat it clearly). 
And, my postal address is: P.O. Box 264, Wembley, 6913, WA.  My home-office is nearby.  

  The EFT Workshops and Counselling Workshop  

INFO: The term EFT stands for "Emotional Freedom Techniques," but it's often just referred to as the "Tapping technique" and sometimes simply "Tapping." ALSO, notice that the workshops below are not in date sequence (but are lined up by the workshop names).

Introductory Level 1 EFT workshop:  The next (advertised) one-day introductory Level 1 EFT workshop ($175 - or just $45 if re-doing it) will be held NEXT Sunday, the 25TH of FEBRUARY. Level 1 introduces and teaches the Tapping technique and the fundamentals of EFT, and includes practicing and experiencing it, and more. It's a great technique and it's very useful for self-applications. 

Foundational Level 2 EFT workshop:  Having already attended Level 1, the next two-day foundational Level 2 EFT workshop ($350 - or just $95 if re-doing it) will be held on Saturday & Sunday, the 17TH & 18TH of MARCH. The Level 2 workshop is exciting and supports major steps forward. It's best to practice and re-do the Level 2 workshop several or more times. It's worth it! Level 1 and Level 2 are known together as the Foundation of EFT.  

Advanced Level 3 EFT workshop:  Those who choose to attend the Level 3 workshop need to have a good familiarity with the Level 2 workshop first - and know it pretty well. The three-day advanced Level 3 EFT workshop ($450 - or just $145 if re-doing it again) usually has Two Dates plus an agreed-upon Date for the third-day. Level 3 is mainly a practitioner workshop BUT lay (non-professional) EFT practitioners AND EFT enthusiasts can also attend it!  

The one-day introduction to the Basics of Counselling workshop ($175) takes about 5 to 6 hours.  The next workshop is likely to be held in mid-April 2018.  These basic skills can be Very Useful in our lives and especially our relationships.  This training is also strongly recommended for those who are or will be using EFT with others. There are no pre-requisites. Let me know if you are interested in attending it.

Note: The EFT workshops mentioned below often have some more useful information.  OPTION: If you "CLICK" on this link here, you can come back up (straight to here) by just pressing the Backspace Key on the keyboard.

   What is EFT?  

What is EFT?  EFT is a valuable tool to have for use in the journey of life.  It can be used with others and it can also be self-applied. And, it blends well with many other techniques and modalities.

The main Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are remarkably effective with emotional clearing that can help to reduce stress, eliminate negative emotions & feelings and systematically dissolve accumulated emotional pain.  A fundamental aim is to help people become more functional in life and to expand their comfort zones.

The basic EFT tapping technique includes:  tapping on (stimulating) a series of specific tapping points  while  (at the same time) tuning into (being mindful of) a current emotion, feeling, issue or memory (or similar)  and also  expressing or saying how it feels (at each tapping point). Progress and benefits are frequent.  The basic EFT tapping technique is fairly easy to learn and it can be self-applied or used with some others. There's a lot more to EFT than just the tapping.

[1]  A brief Level 1 EFT workshop FLIER includes an overview to EFT, an outline of what EFT is about, plus what can be achieved by applications of it.

[2]  An Introduction to EFT provides an overview of EFT plus some more information and/or reading about it.  This includes: An introduction to EFT, EFT endorsements by some well-known authors, an article entitled Emotional Rescue (published in THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper), brief descriptions of the EFT workshops, and also private EFT sessions, asking related questions, plus some more.

[3]  For a deeper and wider understanding of EFT, click on the link for more details about EFT, which looks into what EFT is all about plus a wider description of how and why it works, and more!  EFT is not a magic wand. It is a down-to-earth and roll-up-your-sleeves approach that can be used to systematically and effectively work on individual personal issues.

One option is to have one or more private EFT sessions with an EFT practitioner, where you work on a personal problem (or problems) and gradually learn enough of the basic EFT tapping technique to be able to self-apply it. Working with an EFT practitioner is a team activity. 

Another option is to learn EFT more deeply by attending the introductory EFT workshop (Level 1) which is a more detailed and practical way to learn EFT and its fundamentals.  Some people have one or more private EFT sessions first and then choose to attend a workshop to expand their EFT skills.

The one-day introductory EFT workshop (Level 1) goes a lot further and deeper:  You examine the basics of EFT, observe demonstrations, personally experience it, learn and practice using the full EFT technique, using EFT with some other students, learn some simple ways to work with personal issues, get introduced to how EFT is used to reduce a painful experience, and more. Some people re-do Level 1 a number of times and many go on to also attend Level 2 (which improves self-applications and gives you more "tools" to use). 

   EFT Workshops, Counselling Workshop and Training  

Click on the link to display the workshops Diagram showing the four EFT workshops presented by Peter Graham.  Note: The workshops listed below are all advertised, but they are sometimes also held on unadvertised date(s) (such as on a weekend or sometimes during the week) for those who can't attend on the scheduled date/dates. INFO: Some of the workshops will be held later on because some of the key factors need to updated and improved. Not a lot in August (unless there is a very good number of attendees).

The one-day introductory Level 1 EFT workshop ($175 - or just $45 if to re-do it) introduces and teaches the Tapping technique and to also learn the fundamentals of EFT. It includes practicing EFT with others, self-applying it, and personally experiencing it, and more. It's a great technique and very useful for self-applications.  This workshop is often held one time per month but not always. It also occurs sometimes during a week.  The Next WORKSHOP: The next Level 1 workshop will be held NEXT Sunday, the 25TH of FEBRUARY (which would then provide the option to also attend an exciting Level 2 workshop). Location: Peter Graham will let you know (later in the week) where the workshop will be held. 

The NEXT advertised two-day foundational Level 2 EFT workshop (which is $350 or just $95 if re-doing it) will be held on Saturday & Sunday, the 17TH & 18TH of MARCH.  This extremely important workshop teaches the core EFT techniques, skills and strategies that make up a solid foundation for deeper and wider applications of EFT.  It includes self-applications of EFT and also for those who will use EFT with others. And, it's also essential for those who want to become EFT practitioners.  Venue: To be determined. 

The three-day advanced Level 3 EFT workshop ($450 or just $145 if re-doing it) will be held on two days PLUS one more agreed-upon date.  Level 3 is very much a practitioner workshop BUT lay (non-professional) EFT practitioners AND just EFT enthusiasts can also do itThe primary techniques and methods covered in Level 2 need to be practiced and familiarized before attending Level 3 as it's a big step forward and it depends on the foundational Level 2 understandings and skills. DATES: By connection with me and others who also want to do or re-do Level 3, we can then find suitable dates. 

The one-day Introduction to the Basics of Counselling workshop ($175) will be about 5 to 6 hours.  The next workshop is likely to be held near mid-April 2018.  This training is recommended for those who are or will be using EFT with others, BUT it's not limited to that as the basic skills can be very useful in our lives and especially our relationships.  There are no pre-requisites for it other than a desire to care, help or nurture others.  Let me know if you are interested in attending it. 

NOTE: The workshops can sometimes also be attended (in a small group) BEFORE an advertised date OR AFTERWARDS at a suitable and agreed upon date, which can be held on a weekend OR during a week-day.

Bookings and Enquiries:  You can either email Peter  or  contact him on (08) 9487 8363 for more information or to make a booking (by leaving a clear message and also a very clear Contact Number - and also Repeated). 

Note: All of these EFT workshops are held locally in Western Australia, but they can also be held away from Perth central as well as inter-state or overseas (with dates and places arranged with the applicants and with a minimum of numbers required to make it viable).

   Private EFT Sessions  

I do private (one-on-one) EFT sessions to help individuals make measurable progress with their personal issues and to expand their comfort zones and become more functional in life.  In a nutshell, the primary aim is to effectively facilitate emotional healing and enhance personal growth and development.

A typical time for a session is around 75 minutes (plus or less about 15 minutes). The aim is to end off at a good point (and therefore to not end sessions at a specified time).

A useful motto: "The person is not the problem, the person has a problem."

IF you want to know more about EFT (and you haven't already read this article), then click on the EFT Information Pack first for a general introduction to EFT (if that's needed). THEN, click on a deeper description of EFT which includes a more detailed outline of EFT plus a brief overview of why and how EFT works.  It covers what mainly occurs in EFT sessions, and more!  It is a more thorough examination of why EFT works so effectively and shows that there's a LOT more to EFT than just tapping on accupressure points.

You can contact me by either emailing me  or  by calling phone number (08) 9487 8363 and leaving a message and including a clear contact number (and say it twice).

Endorsements:  The following professional EFT practitioners, counsellors and coaches are certified EFT practitioners who have been trained by and are endorsed by me. They are: Dee Constable - 0487-545-704 (Glen Forrest);  Karen Marrington - 0409-602-283 (Rockingham);  Emma Tucek - 0401-698-615 (Joondalup);  Caroline Crosbie - 0416-154-259 (Craigie);  Sylvia Kaval - 9332 8407 (Willetton);  Yvonne Ducat - 9754-6562 (Busselton).

   Some of the Scientific Studies  

International research:  Studies have been done that repeatedly show the effectiveness of EFT.  A summary of this research on acupoint stimulation (which are mostly applications of EFT) has been carried out in seven countries with over fifty studies published so far and results have been published in peer-reviewed journals.  In the web site linked to, the abbreviation "EP" refers to the field of "Energy Psychology" and EFT is the most successfully studied of the "energy techniques" that come under this general heading.

Evidence of effectiveness:  In November 2012, the American Psychological Association (APA) published a summation of numerous validated studies showing the effectiveness of the Emotional Freedom Techniques. This was a significant step towards becoming fully accepted in the mainstream. It has taken years to get to this point and there's lots more to be done (and is being done).

EFT and War Veterans:  In February 2013, the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, the oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal in North America, published an extensive study on the use of EFT with War Veterans (all of whom had PTSD). The results were outstanding. EFT is phenomenally effective with painful memories and traumas.

The effect of EFT on Stress Biochemistry:  The Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease also published a study that examined the changes in cortisol levels (which relate to degrees of stress) and psychological distress symptoms of 83 nonclinical subjects. Subjects were randomly assigned to three groups and EFT was used with one of the groups. Salivary cortisol assays were performed immediately before and 30 minutes afterwards. The EFT group experienced a significant decrease in cortisol level and the decrease mirrored the observed improvement in psychological distress.

   EFT Newsletters 

EFT Newsletter: My regular EFT Newsletters usually include things happening locally and around the world that are interesting and useful, an EFT Article of mine or by another practitioner, my workshop schedules, a Tip of the Month, the next Practice Sessions date, information on private EFT Sessions and the EFT Masters Newsletter, and Insurance for EFT practitioners & trainers.

If you'd like to receive my EFT newsletter, just email me to let me know.

Gary Craig's News:  Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, introduced a updated accessible web site in May 2012.  Click here to visit Gary's Official EFT Tutorial.  It offers a free, updated, refined, expanded and more detailed EFT Tutorial that replaces his earlier EFT Manual.  It sets the Official Standard for EFT instruction and training.  And, Gary also has a new EFT newsletter plus a set of affordable online EFT Videos for more serious EFT'ers.

The international EFT Masters:  There are only 29 certified EFT Masters certified by Gary Craig worldwide with only three in Australia i.e. Peter Graham (myself) plus Maggie Adkins and Rehana Webster both in the east.  These EFT Founding Masters have their own web sites and you are invited to subscribe to their once-a-month practical, information-rich and cutting-edge Tips from the EFT Masters which is ideal for those who are serious about using EFT and want to continue expanding their EFT skills.  The EFT masters are committed to taking a leading role in quality EFT training worldwide and honoring their status as responsible leaders in the international EFT community.

   Some of my EFT Articles  

Most of my articles were written for EFT practitioners and for those studying or using EFT (including just personally), and the majority were posted on the EFT Founding Masters' web site.  

There is a lot more to EFT than the Tapping:  A primary reason why EFT works is that there is a synergy which consists of the EFT tapping technique PLUS other important contributors.  

The very useful EFT Setup:  It's about the depth, value and uses of "the Setup" part of the EFT tapping technique, when it's needed. The "Setup" part of the EFT tapping technique helps to set things up so that "the tapping" can be more successful.

Working with the Subconscious Mind:  This article examines why the subconscious mind brings up unresolved things or painful events from our past and it suggests that this is a part of a natural healing process.

What You Resist, Persists!:  This article outlines several EFT approaches for dissolving resistances that are contributing to a persistent issue or upset. The opposite of (subconscious) resistance is (conscious) acceptance.

Pulling the plug on negative emotions:  This article examines how an interpretation of something (such as a happening or a part thereof) precedes and determines our emotional reaction to it. The thought or belief (i.e. the interpretation) can be located and then "tapped on" using EFT which "pulls the plug" on the emotion.

Tapping and Describing:  This article discusses and outlines my "Describing Technique" which effectively addresses current negative emotions, feelings, sensations and discomforts, and how it can also be alternated with EFT (when needed).

And, there's more to come!

There's also another article (that isn't an EFT article) that may nonetheless be of interest. It's title is Evaluating Beliefs which discusses what beliefs are, different types of beliefs and their many roles in our lives. It explores how we arrive at an idea or thought being true (all things being relevant) and what can go wrong. Some beliefs are extremely useful and some can cause us a great deal of distress, and some in between. Certain beliefs may need to be re-evaluated and thus brought up to date or dropped. We also tap on beliefs when doing EFT as beliefs are often intimately connected with our feelings and emotions.

   Books and videos  

An Impressive EFT Movie:  A professional full-length movie on the use of EFT with combat veterans who have been suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was released in 2011. It is called OPERATION - Emotional Freedom. It's very impressive and shows just what EFT is capable of in this area. Gary thinks that it will be a stunning door opener for the whole EFT field. It is real and professional and shows EFT's amazing potential - close, personal and moving.

Brilliant book for serious EFT'ers - "EFT and Beyond":  The ground-breaking 536-page book "EFT and Beyond Techniques for Personal Transformation" is a gold mine of advanced cutting-edge EFT techniques and never before have so many EFT experts (including 22 of the 29 certified EFT Masters worldwide) combined to create a resource of this depth and value. I'm honoured to be one of the authors and my article is called "EFT for Turning Points" which describes how to use EFT to resolve the long-lasting negative effects of severe traumatic experiences which were "turning points" for the worse.

   About me  

My EFT Qualifications:  Gary Craig is the founder and developer of the EFT techniques. In January 2007, Gary's "EFT Insights" Newsletter announced that I was officially certified as an EFT Master, the highest EFT credential. There are only twenty nine EFT Masters certified by Gary Craig in the world, with three in Australia. They are known as EFT Founding Masters. Later in 2007, I was also awarded EFT Honors certification. I am a full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT) and have been granted the status of IICT Approved Training Provider.

Meet me on YouTube In October 2007, I was a presenter at an EFT Masters' Showcase in Sydney, where six EFT Masters from around the world (with 3 from Australia plus 1 from New Zealand, 1 from the UK and another from Turkey). Each of us gave talks, answered questions and did live EFT sessions with volunteers from the audience of about 100.

A five minute excerpt from a talk that I gave at that event is available on YouTube. The video section also included whether EFT is a treatment or a tool for personal & spiritual growth, or both. The volunteer for my on-stage session asked to speak to the whole audience the next day to say that the benefits she experienced had been profound. P.S. I don't carry a beard with me these days!

My Background and Experience:  I was trained and worked as a pastoral counsellor in the 1970's, was a registered marriage celebrant and I trained and supervised other counsellors. I moved on from that period of my life, learnt a lot of valuable lessons and have been involved in emotional clearing and relationship coaching during most of the time since then (in both a full time and part time capacity). I came across EFT in November 1999 and have now been using EFT in my full time practice for over fourteen years. Click here for more details.

   Training Information  

Workshop with Gary Craig:  In November 2005, I attended a four-day EFT Masters workshop in San Francisco with Gary Craig (the developer of the EFT techniques).  This was only the third time that this particular course had been held.  There were 11 candidates on the course plus about 30 observers.  Each of the candidates were required to do at least one live session (in front of those attending and observing) while it was filmed and then critiqued afterwards by Gary.  It was an honour to meet Gary Craig and to share this experience with some of the most experienced EFT practitioners in the world.  Five of them were from the US, two from Canada, one from the UK, and there were three Australians.  I was later awarded an EFT Master's certificate signed by Gary Craig.  There are only three certified EFT Masters in Australia.

The primary EFT Workshops:  They are the one-day introductory EFT workshop (Level 1), the two-day foundational EFT workshop (Level 2), and the three-day Advanced EFT workshop (Level 3).  There are also some advanced (beyond Level 2) special-purpose workshops such as the two-day Personal Empowerment EFT Workshop.  Click on the link to display a diagram (in PDF format) that shows the sequence and relationship of the EFT workshops presented by Peter Graham.  There are also EFT Practitioner certification programmes for Levels 2 and 3.

Advertised and unadvertised workshops:  All of these workshops are scheduled and advertised.  However, there are also unadvertised dates from time to time where at least a minimum number of people want to do it and the dates for them are agreed upon.  An unadvertised workshop may also be held in an agreed upon location which may be local, in the country, interstate or overseas.  In other words, it's based on negotible agreements where everyone wins.

EFT and TFT:  I am often asked what the difference is between EFT and, its predecessor, Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  EFT evolved out of TFT in the early nineties and has continued to evolve and develop since that time to become the powerful and flexible technique that it is today.  It's my personal view that EFT is a more effective, more elegant, more streamlined and easier to use technique with much more flexibility and uses. I honour Dr Roger Callahan for his innovative research and significant breakthroughs that made it possible for the EFT techniques to be developed later on. Gary Craig studied TFT to the highest level and later went on to develop the amazing and simplified EFT tapping technique.

Developing Your EFT Skills Further:  Having completed both the Level 1 and 2 EFT workshops, it is not the end of the road as far as developing your EFT skills is concerned.  "EFT" stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques (plural).  There are many options and possibilities for further advancing your confidence and skills.  There is much more to learn about how EFT can be used and what it can be used for and the potential benefits are vast in scope and are open-ended.  Many people have done Level 2 several times to consolidate and enhance those core skills (which you can't know too well).  The Level 3 EFT Workshop and the Personal Empowerment EFT Workshop are both advanced EFT workshops that require Level 2 skills as their pre-requisite, because they are built on and depend on the foundational Level 2 core EFT skills.  The advanced workshops can be done in any order or selectively. The Introduction to the Basics of Counselling workshop teaches and explores some important counselling/coaching/facilitating concepts and skills that can make a big positive difference when appying EFT with others.

  Thank you!  

Thank you for your interest.  EFT clearing and Relationship Coaching have great depth and much to offer and I hope you look into them further and experience them for yourself. 

Why try to solve your personal problems, when you can dissolve them! The ultimate solution to a personal problem is to dissolve the problem itself.  Then, there is no personal problem to seek a solution for.  There may, however, be a life situation that you have to face and handle or deal with (but without a subconscious reaction to it).

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